The Mosaic Project 3D Complex

Photograph of one wing in an art gallery filled with The Mosaic Project artwork

In speaking about the future of the convergence of Technology and Music, Terri Lyne Carrington says: "A few years ago I went into partnership with media and digital visionary Robert Hebert. We started HCM because I saw that the future of my career would be dependent upon such partnerships that help artists and music related businesses become autonomous in the current paradigm of how music has begun to be marketed and sold. A strong digital presence is a must and I quickly realized that more and more artists were realizing they have to take more responsibility for the development of their own careers and not rely as heavily on record companies and managers. We quickly realized that the ideas we were developing for me would work tremendously for other artists and businesses, thus starting HCM Digital was a natural next step. We hope to help many artists continue to grow and develop their careers with them in the driver's seat, their personalities and artistic visions driving their marketing, and with cutting edge technology. Also, we hope to help companies shift from what has been the industry standard way of doing things to creatively embrace all the new possibilities that the future of this business is demanding."

HCM Digital

Terri Lyne Carrington Tineke Postma Nona Hendryx Ingrid Jensen Esperanza Spalding Helen Sung
Photos courtesy of Tokyo Jazz Festival 2010
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